Diary of a Wimpy Kid

   Day 1
1. How does Greg feel about writing a diary?
2. What are the reasons Greg agreed on writing his diary?
3. What is Greg's opinion on the seating in class?
4. Why sitting next to girls does not seem a very nice option to Greg?

1. Greg feels uncomfortable. He does not like when other people think that this is a diary. He says that it is - journal. Because he does not want the other kids thought wrong. So Greg hates write it.

2. He dealt with mom, that he will write in this book a little bit each day and then he will get out of one chore on saturdays. He choose diary, because mom is not allowed to read it, so he can write whatever he wants. He said, that the real reason he agreed to do this at all is because he figure later on when he is rich and famous he will have better things to do than answer people's stupid questions all day long.

3. Children walk into the classroom and just plunk their stuff down on any old desk. Greg says, that they need to be very careful of where they sit. Because it's their permanent seats.

4. Greg not really likes to sit in the bunch of girls, because one asks to pass the note to another. And in the note often will be not nice words about Greg. And they don’t let you copy off of them.

   Day 2

1. Tell in your own words what happened to Greg on the first day of his summer vacation.

1. On the first day of summer vacation, Greg brother Rodrick woke Greg up in the middle of  the night dressed in his school clothes. Rodrick told him, that he slept through the whole summer but that luckily Greg had woken in time for the first day of school. Rodrick also had set Greg's clock ahead and pulled the blinds shut. Greg got up and got dressed and went downstairs to fix himself some breakfast. Then came his Dad and saw Greg eating Cheerios at 3 a.m. He had no idea what Greg is doing. Then Greg told that Rodrick tricked him and they went to Rodrick's room. But he was sleeping. 

   Day 3
1. Do you think it would be nice to have Greg in your class? Why? (Consider his behaviour with P.U.)
2. How does Greg feel about his younger brother?

1. I don't really want to have him in my class. His jokes are funny but not nice. Because he mock from his classmates.

2. Greg doesn't like that Manny destroys everything what he finds. Greg expected, that if he will have younger brother, he could pick on him. Like Rodrick on Greg. But he was wrong. Because parents protect Manny. Greg can't pick on him, even if he does something to tick Greg off. Also he's never gotten punished for anything. But I think Greg still loves Manny.

   Day 4
1. What's up with the Cheese Touch?
2. Why did Greg tape his fingers?

1. One kid tripped and fell and brushed cheese with his finger and started this whole thing called the Cheese Touch. It's basically like Cooties, where if you get touched wth the Cheese Touch then you have it until you pass it on to somebody else. That thing has been sitting on the court since at least last fall and it has caused a whole lot of trouble. It's all moldy and nasty, and ever since it showed up, people have been trying to avoid it.

2. The only way to protect yourself from Cheese Touch was to cross your fingers. But it was really hard to remember to keep your fingers crossed all the time, especially when whoever had the Cheese Touch was looking for his next victim. So Greg taped his fingers together for the last couple weeks of school.

   Day 5
1. Does Greg enjoy Saturdays?
2. Why wasn't his best friend mentioned till this day?

1. Greg likes wake up late. It's time for Greg to crawl out of bed is when he can't stand the taste of his breath anymore. Unfortunately Dad wakes up at 6:00 in the morning no matter what day it is and he is not real considerate of the fact that he's trying to enjoy his Saturday. He hates when there's nothing on t.v. after 1:00 p.m. except golf and bowling. Also sun comes right through the sliding glass window so he can hardly see what's on the t.v. And he gets all sweaty and stick to the couch. It's practically like a conspiracy against kids to make them go outside and do something besides watch t.v.

2. There's a pretty good reason for that. His best friend Rowley always says not „Want to hang out?“, but „Want to come over to my house and play?“. This summer they were caught playing vikings and Indians in the woods by a couple of eighth-graders.  They called Greg and Rowley “nerds”.

   Day 6
1. What worries Greg? Why?

1. Greg's Dad seemed real interested about Bishop Garrigan High School. It's bad because Dad can send Greg there. Greg doesn't like that school because it's all boys. Greg thinks that he wouldn't survive the first day at Bishop Garrigan.

   Day 7
1. Does Greg enjoy his mornings before school? Why?
2. How did Greg try to get into his preferred reading group?

1. No, he doesn't. Because he has to fix Manny his cereal every morning. Manny takes his bowl and sits right in front of the t.v. on his plastic potty. But the worst part is that after he's done he dumps whatever he didn't eat right into the potty. And it's always Greg who has to clean it up. Then Greg wouldn't has any appetite so he not finishes his breakfast and his Mom always gets on him.

2. At the end of last year he did his best to muff up his screening test. Another thing he did is that he didn't try to hard on his end-of-the-year essay. They make child do four page paper at the end of the year which is another way they figure out how to place a child.

1. What are your feelings and impressions about this book?

1. I liked this book. It has interesting text and funny pictures.

The Devoted Friend


   One morning the old Water-rat put his head out of his hole. The little ducks were swimming in the pond, and their mother, was  trying to teach them how to stand on their heads in the water. But the little ducks paid no attention to her. Then the Water-rat said that her children are so disobedient and he thought that they deserved to be drowned. The mother duck answered that parents cannot be too patient. Then the Water-rat said that he isn’t a family man because he have never been marriage, and never intend to be. He thought that friendship is much higher than love and he don’t know anything else in the world, what is more valuable than a devoted friendship. Then a Green Linnet joined to the conversation and asked, what is a devoted friendship. Water-rat explained and this inspired a Green Linnet to tell the Water-rat a tale about a devoted friend.

   Once upon a time, there was an honest little fellow named Hans. He lived alone in a tiny cottage, and every day he worked in his garden. In all the country-side there was no garden so lovely as his. 
   Little Hans had a great many friends, but the most devoted friend of all was big Hugh the Miller. Indeed, so devoted was the rich Miller to little Hans, that he would never go by his garden without picking any flower or fruit. But the rich Miller never gave Hans anything in return. The Miller doesn't visit Hans during the winter as this is the most hardest time for Hans.
   As soon as the winter was over, the Miller went to see little Hans. Hans was very happy when he saw the Miller. During the winter, Hans had no money to buy bread, so he was obliged to sold his wheelbarrow. Now he is going to sold his primroses to buy it back. The Miller told him that he will give Hans his old, dilapidated wheelbarrow if Hans give a plank of wood to fix the roof of his barn. So the Miller went home with big basket of flowers and the plank.
   The next day,  Miller came to Hans with a large sack of flour and he asked Hans to take to market for him. Hans agreed but the trip took him all day and he doesn't watered his flowers.
   The next day Miller came to Hans and asked him to repair his roof. He fixed it but then the Miller told him that he need to drive his sheep to the mountain the next day. Hans agreed and lost another day of garden work.
Somehow he was never able to look after his flowers, because the Miller was always coming and getting him to.
   One stormy evening, Hans was sitting at home when the Miller came. He explained that his son has fallen off a ladder and Miller asked Hans to took his son to doctor. But when he was coming home, he lost his way and fell into a deep hole and drowned.
   The Linnet asked the Water-rat did he saw the moral. The Water-rat was shocked that the story had a moral and he wouldn’t have listened to it if he had known.


Questions and answers:

 1. What are the animals talking in the beginning of the story?
They are talking about being in society, little ducks, family. But most of all they are discussing about devoted friendship. And then the Linnet started telling the strory.

     2. What does the author (Oscar Wilde) wants to tell the reader (what is the moral of the story)? Why?
I think moral of the story is that don't use your friends. Miller was so selfish and he don't saw poor fellow Hans. And I think that Hans death is only a Miller's fault.

 3. What are the animals discussing in the end of the story? What are their emotions/reactions?
They are discussing about the moral of the story. The Linnet asked the Water-rat did he saw the moral. The Water-rat was shocked that the story had a moral and he wouldn’t have listened to it if he had known.

 4. What are your thoughts and feelings after the story?
I think this story is very interesting. I'm glad that we needed to read it. But I don't like the end of the story. I was sad that little Hans died. The end would be better if he stay alive.

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties


   This movie is second part of Garfield. Now John travels to United Kingdom, and he brings, his cat, Garfield, along for the trip. Through a misunderstanding, Garfield becomes a Lord of a large castle! But Garfield and real Prince of a castle looks the same. So let’s start from the beginning :)

   Once upon the time, in an English castle, far far away, lived pampered cat, by the name of Prince. He lived in luxury: drank tea, enjoyed massages…
   On the other side of the world, lived also pampered cat, who thought, he was the king, but his domain was quite smaller. And this is Garfield.
   John want to propose to his girlfriend Liz, but she come and say, that she need fly to London. John decided go to London and Garfield with Odie hid in John’s bag.
   Prince 12th (cat) became a Lord of a castle, but because of this decision was very angry Lord Dargis because he wanted to be a owner of castle. Lord Dargis decides to get rid of the Prince, so he throws cat into the river.
Jon and Liz want to walk through the London, and they leave Garfield with Odie in hotel room, but when came the room service, they fled.
   Lord Dargis sends butler to London, to take his suit. While driving, a butler just suffered a nasty tackle Garfield, but he thought he found the Prince, so butler takes Garfield with him. Animals who lives in a barn near castle understand, that Prince is not real Prince 12th.
   Prince 12th emerged sewers in London. Meanwhile, John walked down the street and saw the Prince and Odie. He thought that this cat is Garfield, so John took them.
   Prince 12th  want go back to his castle, so he jump out of a hotel window. John begins to search for Garfield and he saw in local newspaper, that Prince 12th became a lord of a castle and John realized, that Prince and Garfield looks the same. Liz is an excursion to this castle. Lord Dargis is offering a dine for Liz and Garfield want to prevent it. But then Lord Dargis caught Garfield and closed him in a jail. Later, animals helped him to escape. And then Prince 12th returned to his castle.
   Lord Dargis want to demolish the barn and kill it all lived animals. So Prince decided, that need pack out bags and get out of the castle. But then returned Garfield and said, that they need beat Lord Dargis.
   Lord Dargis arrested by the police because he wanted to kill the prince and overwrite the paper that the castle will accrue to him. Then John finally propose marriage for Liz. And she accepted it. 

Questions and answers:
1. What makes this movie great/fun/interesting/ or maybe boring?
   Garfield is very funny personage and he in this movie did a lot foolishness. 
2. What characters were good? Why?
   I think good characters were theese - Garfield, Prince 12th, John, Odie  Because they wanted to save animals and all castle from Lord Dargis. 
3. Which parts of the movie you did not like? Why ?
    I like whole this movie, because there wasn't any boring parts. 
4. Would you change anything in the movie? What? If not, why wouldn't you change?
   I woudn't change anything in the movie, because whole movie was interesting, funny and not boring.


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